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Gratis 45000 Satoshi setiap hari

Written By Trader on Sunday, 1 March 2015 | 00:06

Thanks for Visiting my Guide. Just a week ago i found a Big opportunity on making money or simply making Bitcoins. And the best part is No investment is Required.
 And Yeah! that’s true. You can really make 45000 Satoshi Everyday which is 0.00045 Bitcoins a day. That may sounds Crazy because this is huge amount for Faucet users.
A normal Faucet user Earns 5000 to 9000 Satoshi per Hour. Which means Earning 45000 Satoshi may take 5 to 9 hours of continuous Work. But what if you can do that in just 15 Minutes.
Yes Today i will show you a website which is run by Reputed programmers on which you can earn 45000 satoshi everyday just for free without investing a single penny. All you need is a Device and an Internet Connection.
The Website name is Trafficmonsoon. Trafficmonsoon is owned by Charles which is also the Owner of Various websites which is Runnning and Paying from more than 4 Years.
Lets do a Rough calculation, the Current Market price of Bitcoins is $222. 45000 Satoshi which can also be called as 0.00045 Bitcoins. So, 0.00045*$222=0.1 USD. I will help you earn that $0.1 in just less than 15 Minutes and will also help you convert those $$ to Bitcoins very Easily.
Look this is a Opportunity which doesn’t require Skills. Even a Baby can do it. Ok now let’s Move on to steps ;)

Step 1 (Registration)

 Register an account at Trafficmonsoon.
**I recommend not to Signup before reading this Full Article. It will help you to take right Decisions.

Step 2 (Verification)

Verify your Email address. Check your Inbox/Spam/Junk Folder for the Verification Link.

Step 3 (Logging In)

 Log in to your Account. When you login you have to surf a link for 10 seconds before you will be Redirected to your Dashboard. This process is Automatic. So, you don’t have to worry about how to Complete that.

Step 4 (Active Membership)

Remember only Active Member receives Cash links which pays Real Cash. To become an Active Member you have to Surf 10 links by Clicking on ‘Start Surfing‘. Surfing 10 links will take you Less than 3 Minutes and will make your Account Active for 24 hours.

Step 5 (Earning Cash)
Now you have Surfed 10 links so your Account is Active. Now you will Start receiving Cash links. Each cash links will pay you $0.01 to $0.02. Remember, you will not receive the Cash links Instantly. It takes a little time. Once you have surfed 10 links to make your Account active, Come back after 6 hours. You will see lots of Cash links available to Click. And you will earn $0.1 to $0.2 with those links which means 45000 to 90000 Satoshi Everyday.

Step 6 (Withdrawl)
Minimum withdrawl of Trafficmonsoon is Just only $2. You can withdraw your Money either in Paypal or Solidtrustpay or Payza.

Step 7 (Converting $$ to Bitcoins)

There are Various reputed Exchangers who can Exchange your USD to Bitcoins. So don’t worry, if you want Bitcoins you will get that.

Things to Remember (1)

In Registration you have to choose a Payment Method to receive your Payments. You can choose Either Paypal or Solidtrustpay or Payza by Submitting your Payment email. This Process must be Done with a better Decision because this process is Permanent and you won’t be able to Change it ever in Future.
For Sample : In Registration process you choose paypal and Submitted ‘’ as your payment address. You will receive your Every payments only in ‘’ of Paypal.

Things to Remember (2)

You can make your Account active only for 24 Hours to click Cash links.
For Sample : Today you logged in to your Account and surfed 10 links, then your Account will become active for next 24 hours. After 24 hours it will expire and you again have to surf 10 links to Reactive your Account. And Only Active accounts receive Cash links.

So that’s it you all have to know. Guys for what are you waiting for. Join Trafficmonsoon and Earn 20x Faster than Faucets.
If you have any Single Confusion or Question, Please post them in Comments. I will try to Reply them in within 12 Hours :)
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